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    As example I’m gonna make SEASON 5 + BLUE, because there are a lot of blue in this season.

    1. For the good, colorful meme you need scene where the color you make (blue) was the main color (like 80% of space, blue Doctor’s bow tie doen’t count if there are a lot of other colors at this scene)
    2. When you make color meme some scenes comes to you mind, but most of time it wasn’t enough. So the easiest way to find a good scenes to color is to go to any screencaps website (I use this one). We need season 5 so I go to season 5 screencaps and click most viewed.
    3. Then I look for blue scenes and when I find them I open them in Photoshopimage
    4. I trying coloring on caps before I starting making gifs, just to be sure they are good enough for the meme.
    5. If you want a colorful meme your main tools will be hue/saturation and color balance. On my color memes I usally use 1 hue/saturation and 2-3 color balance layers. 
    6. And colorings I made for you [x] For the best result you can play with color balance, color fills and gradient maps. GOOD LUCK! 
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